3D Design


Touhou Genso Wanderer - Collector's Edition; 2017

Touhou Genso Wanderer - Collector's Edition; 2017

One aspect of my job that has grown over time has been the creation of 3D rendered images to display and market our collector's edition sets. After designing the packaging and other "bonus items," such as the art books, prints, pins, and other objects, the full set is modeled in Blender and rendered, along with a few detail shots to show some of the more interesting pieces up close. These renders are then touched up and adjusted in Photoshop. The reuse of multi-level vector files originally prepared for final printing helps me to include and show off special effects like spot varnishes and embossing.

Collector's Edition; 2017

Occasionally I'm asked to create versions of my 3D art with backgrounds and labels. While we have our own online store which can explain everything and is nicely suited to the clean, white backgrounds, online retailers and ads have to be more self contained and attention grabbing. Here is an example of a render I did for my company's online store versus the version we sent out to retailers and distributors.

Grand Edition; 2015, Re-rendered 2017

Because the original 3D art for Grand Kingdom was created completely in Photoshop, recently remodeled and rendered parts of it in Blender to show off some of the details that were not previously visible. Shown here are the soundtrack, leather-bound art book with debossed cover and silver PANTONE ink emblem, the set of art prints and pins, and our two collector's boxes, one with embossed and spot varnished characters on the front, and the other a simpler box designed to look more premium. 

Collector's Edition; (2017)

In the case of Danganronpa Another Episode, which was released in 2014 on one platform and then re-released in 2017 on another one, I worked closely with a photographer to combine real objects from our original collector's edition with new 3D models of updated components. In this render, the PS4 game case, closed art book (far left), and open art book are all 3D models, composited into a photo.